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Top 10 Most Iconic Videogames



BuzzMirror Top 10 Most Iconic Videogames

We all played videogames at a certain point of our life or we still play it, some videogames marked our childhood or our life by a certain degree more than others. We will list you the top 10 most iconic Videogames of all time(PC and Consoles included).

10 . Half Life Videogames

Half Life Videogames  - BuzzMirror

Valve’s  first videogame, this game made a huge impact the year it was released back in 1998, it changed the way First Person Shooters were made, the title went to become a legendary FPS game and has won a huge amount of awards. The success didn’t stop here, some fan-made mods of the game grew to become standalone games such as the iconic Counter-Strike, the 2nd Half-Life game was released until the year 2004. Half-Life 2 was a successful title just like the first one while winning 35 Game of the Year awards for the year 2004.

9 . Age of Empires Videogames

Age of Empires Videogames - BuzzMirror

This iconic Real Time Strategy game was made public in 1997, it was developed by Ensemble Studios, it was a success back in the day, You need to build a civilization, upgrade and develop it  and conquer your enemies. A new game was soon released in 1999 who was more successful than the first and its Age of Empires II with the same concept but new story and new civilizations.

8 . God of War Videogames

God of War Videogames  - BuzzMirror

We all loved playing as a warrior and using swords and axe , in the God of War series you play as a Spartan warrior called Kratos who seeks revenge on the God of War Ares and then the Olympian Gods. The first game was released back in 2005 as a PlayStation 2 exclusive.

7 . Hitman Videogames

Hitman Videogames - BuzzMirror

We all know the Bald guy with a Black suit and Red tie and most importantly, a bar code in the back of his head. The Hitman series is a stealth based game, created by IO Interactive, and was first released as a PC Exclusive in 2000 but then arrived to consoles later with titles such as Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin, Hitman : Contracts , Hitman : Blood Money and others.

6 . Super Mario Videogames

Super Mario Videogames  - BuzzMirror

It’s a-me, Mario! Everybody, I mean everybody knows Super Mario, the little moustached guy with a red suit jumping through pipes and destroying bricks trying to save a princess from a spiked turtle that breathes fire. Super Mario first game was released in 1985 in the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console and met a huge success. Many spin-offs were released which you control other characters instead of Mario, like the green moustached guy Luigi.

5 . Halo Videogames

Halo Videogames - BuzzMirror

What’s more fun than a First Person Shooter where you are in the middle of an interstellar war between Humans and Aliens known as the Convenant while you play as John-117 known as Master Chief. Halo is regarded as one of the best console First Person Shooter videogame. The first title was released in 2001 as a XBOX exclusive and was named Halo: Combat Evolved and it met a huge success.

4 . Pro Evolution Soccer / FIFA Videogames

Pro Evolution Soccer FIFA Videogames 

FIFA Videogames 

These 2 games are both soccer games with the same concept, but they differ in the physics engine and some visuals, nevertheless you can play with your favorite soccer team or national team or even create a new team with new players. PES developed by KONAMI and FIFA by Electronic Arts. These two games are the best Soccer games and they have been available since the last decade of the 20th century, the concurrence between the two is so intense and each year a new title gets released for us to play it.

3 . Counter-Strike Videogames

Counter-Strike Videogames  - BuzzMirror

Counter-Terrorists win, Bomb has been planted, Bomb has been defused, we’ve all heard these phrases at least once in our life somewhere,  Counter-Strike is a pretty famous Multiplayer First Person Shooter videogame that saw the light as a Half-life mod and then became a stand-alone game later. With the release of Counter-Strike 1.6, the latter reigned over Multiplayer First Person Shooters scene. Several titles were released but the most popular one is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who got published in 2012.

2 . Need for Speed Videogames

Need for Speed Videogames  - BuzzMirror

Want to control a sports car and race with it without buying it in real life ? Then Need for Speed is the game for you, the first Need for Speed game was released back in 1994, the 2000’s were the peak of success with titles such as Need for Speed Most Wanted and Need for Speed Carbon.

1 . Grand Theft Auto Videogames

Grand Theft Auto Videogames  - BuzzMirror

Who doesn’t know GTA ? this videogame serie is known throughout the world, we all played it, it revolutionized the open world gaming when the Grand Theft Auto III was released in 2001, from then, each release of a GTA Title was a success from GTA III to GTA V. the success varies from one to another, but we all agree that GTA Games are the best open world games.

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10 Most famous Football clubs



10 Most famous Football clubs - BuzzMirror

The majority of people love football, a person can  support a specific club in a specific league or 2 clubs from different leagues, but have you ever wondered what are the most famous football clubs, we’ll show you in the list below. (The following list isn’t arranged from most famous to least famous but only shows you famous clubs with no particular order).

1 . Real Madrid C.F Football 

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol mostly known as Real Madrid also named Los Blancos, is a Spanish football club based in Madrid city, it was established in the beginning of the 20th century on the 6th March 1902, their playground is the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.  The club had many iconic and legendary players playing under the clubs jersey, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Rolando Nazario de Lima, Zinéddine Zidane, David Beckham.

Titles :

Domestic league :  La Liga x 33

Domestic Cup : Copa del Rey x 19, Supercopa de Espana x 10

International Cups : Champions League x 13, UEFA Cup x 2, UEFA Super Cup x 4, FIFA Club World Cup x 4, Intercontinental Cup x 3 .

2 . F.C Barcelona Football 

2 . F.C Barcelona Football - BuzzMirror

Futbol Club Barcelona or Barça, nicknamed BlauGrana , this club is based on the city Barcelona of Catalonia, Spain, it was founded on the 29th November 1899 before Real Madrid. Barça owns the “Camp Nou” stadium which holds the title of the biggest stadium of Europe. The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barça is so intense throught the history and they meet each other twice a year in the Spanish League in a special match called “El Classico”. The best player in the world currently plays in El Barça and its Leo Messi, many greatest soccer players played in this club such as  Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Johan Cruyff.


Domestic League :  La Liga x 26

Domestic Cups : Copa del Rey x 30, Supercopa de España x 14, Copa de la Liga x 2, Copa Eva Duarte x 3

International Cups : Champions League x 5, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup x 4, UEFA Super Cup x 5, Inter-Cities Fairs Cup x 3, FIFA Club World Cup x 3

3 . F.C Bayern Munich Football 

F.C Bayern Munich Football - BuzzMirror

Fußball-Club Bayern München also called FC Bayern, is based in Munich,Deutschland. Founded in 27 February 1900, it is the most successful football club in Germany, the club host its guests in the Allianz Arena. Oliver Kahn, Lothar Matthäus, Philipp Lahm, Karl Heinz Rummenigge are considered one of the clubs legend.


Domestic League : Bundesliga x 29.

Domestic Cups :  DFB-Pokal x 19, DFB/DFL-Supercup x 7, DFB-Ligapokal x 6.

International Cups : European Cup/Champions League x 5, UEFA Cup x 1, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup x 1, UEFA Super Cup x 1, Club World Cup x 1, Intercontinental Cup x 2.

4 . Manchester United F.C Football  

Manchester United F.C Football - BuzzMirror

Man United or Red Devils is a football club based on the city of Manchester,England along with Manchester City, this club foundation dates back to 1878. It currently play in “Old Trafford” stadium. Crisitiano Ronaldo and David Beckham played the United squad for some years.


Domestic League : First Division/Premier League x 20.

Domestic Cups : FA Cup x 12, League Cup x 5, Community Shield x 21.

International Cups : European Cup/Champions League x 3, European Cup Winners’ Cup x 1, Europa League x 1, European Super Cup x 1, Club World Cup x 1, Intercontinental Cup x 1

5 . F.C Inter Milan Football 

F.C Inter Milan Football - BuzzMirror

F.C Internazionale Milano best known as Inter Milan or the Nerazzuri (Black and Blue), as the name indicates, it is based on the city of Milano, Italy and it saw the light in the 9th March of 1908. The club currently shares the stadium “San Siro” with the local rivals AC Milan, although when Inter Milan host teams in it, the name changes to the name  of the clubs legend “Giuseppe Meazza”. This Italian giant had many world-class and legends playing under the black and bleu jersey, amongst them : Ronaldo de Lima, Guissepe Meazza, Javier Zanetti, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Domestic League: Serie A x 18.

Domestic Cups : Coppa Italia x 7 , Supercoppa Italiana x 5.

International Cups : European Cup/Champions League x 3, UEFA Cup x 3, Club World Cup x 1, Intercontinental x 2.

6 . A.C Milan Football 

A.C Milan Football - BuzzMirror

Associazione Calcio Milan, labelled as Rossoneri for its Red and Black colors, is a club based on the city of Milan, Italy just like Inter Milan but was founded before it, in 13 December 1899, the match between the two Milanese clubs is regarded as one of the greatest matches in soccer and is called “Derby Della Madonnina” and its hosted in the “San Siro” stadium shared by the two teams. Similarly to Inter Milan, AC Milan had a lot of world-class players playing in the Rossoneri squad throught the clubs history : Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Andrea Pirlo, Ronaldo de Lima, Paulo Maldini.


League Championships : Serie A x 18

Domestic Cups : Coppa Italia x 5, Supercoppa Italiana x 7.

International Cups : Champions League x 7, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup x 2, UEFA Super Cup x 5, FIFA Club World Cup x 1, Intercontinental Cup x 3 .

7 . Liverpool F.C

Liverpool F.C Football - BuzzMirror

Liverpool Football Club or simply the Reds, based on the city  with the same name of the club, Liverpool, England. This club like the other England clubs was founded before the 20th century, precisely in 3 June 1892. The Reds currently host other clubs in their own stadium “Anfield”. It is the club with the most International trophies in England. When thinking of Liverpool, one must directly think of one name, Steven Gerrard, this is a legend amongst legends of the game and especially English players.


League Championships : Premier League x 18.

Domestic Cups : FA Cup x 7, League Cup x 8, Community Shield x 15.

International Cups : Champions League x 6, UEFA Cup x 3, UEFA Super Cup x 3.

8 . Juventus Football 

Juventus Football - BuzzMirror

Juventus Football Club familiarly known as La Juve or Bianconeri (White and Black),  is based in the city of Torino, Italy and it’s one of the biggest clubs of Italy along the three, Inter Milan and A C Milan  but founded before those three in the 1st of November 1897. It currently owns the “Allianz Stadium” unlike the Milanese clubs. Although the club has more domestic trophies, it has less international trophies than the two Milanese clubs. Neverthless, legends of the game joined the club, the likes of Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Pirlo, Zinédine Zidane, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s currently playing in the club.


League Championships: Serie A x 35, Serie B x 1 .

Domestic Cups : Coppa Italia x 13, Supercoppa Italiana x 8.

International Cups : European Cup/Champions League x 2, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup x 1, UEFA Cup x 3, European Super Cup/UEFA Super Cup x 2,  Intercontinental Cup x 2.

9 . Paris Saint-Germain Football 

Paris Saint-Germain Football - BuzzMirror

The PSG, as the name indicates is a club based on the capital of France, Paris. It was founded recently, in 12th of August 1970. The Parisian club plays in the “Parc des Princes“ but don’t own it. The PSG became well known in the European scene in the beginning of the 2010s. The Parisian club signed several soccer stars, the likes of Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Gianluigi Buffon, Ronaldinho who played at a certain point of their careers in the PSG.


League Championships : Serie A x 35, Serie B x 1

Domestic Cups : Coppa Italia x 13, Supercoppa Italiana x 8.

International Cups : European Cup/Champions League x 2, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup x 1, UEFA Cup x 3, European Super Cup/UEFA Super Cup x 2,  Intercontinental Cup x

10 . Boca Juniors Football 

Boca Juniors Football - BuzzMirror

Club Atlético Boca Juniors, is the most famous Argentinian football club, Boca Juniors is an old Argentinian club that was founded in the 3rd of April 1905 in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires in La Boca neighbourhood. The club owns “La Bombonera” and its considered one of the most famous stadiums throughout the globe.

League Championships: Primera División X 33

Domestic Cups : Copa Argentina x 3, Supercopa Argentina x 1.

International Cups : Intercontinental Cup x 3, Copa Libertadores x 6, Copa Sudamericana x 2, Recopa Sudamericana x 4.

11 . LA Galaxy Football 

LA Galaxy Football - BuzzMirror

Los Angeles Galaxy as knows as LA Galaxy, is a soccer club based in the Los Angeles, United States of America and was founded recently in the end of the 20th century, in the 15th of June 1994. The club currently play in the “Dignity Health Sports Park” stadium. The club became more popular due to signing of world class players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Beckham in the late 2000’s.

League Championships: MLS Cup x 5

Domestic Cup Wins: Supporters’ Shield x 4, U.S. Open Cup x 2

International Cups : CONCACAF Champions’ Cup x 1

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Things to do at home during the COVID-19 outbreak



In order to stay safe from getting contaminated with the COVID Coronavirus, staying at home is the best solution to avoid people and reduce the chances of getting infected, however the longer you stay in-door the more it becomes boring and frustrating, we propose in this article some ways to do so that you pass time, have fun and avoid boredom.

COVID  Videogames 

COVID  Videogames  - BuzzMirror

There was always a debate about the videogames, some said they were a waste of time and bad for health and some said it’s stress relieving and a good way to have fun and pass time, however in the current situation they seem to be a great way to have fun alone or with your friends and play with them online since you can’t invite your friends at home during this Corona pandemic.

You don’t have a PlayStation or Xbox or any videogame console ? well that’s not a big problem, you can play videogames on your Computer too or even your mobile phone.

COVID  Exercises

COVID  Exercises - BuzzMirror

You always wanted to get fit but you had your excuses to avoid or not go to a gym, well now is the time to start working out at home, they help you boost your physical health and also helps you get motivated. On the net, there are several places to get some good exercises programs or even teach you how to do some moves, you can either look on websites or just watch videos at YouTube.

COVID  Learning a new Language

COVID  Learning a new Language

Now is the time to start learning a new language, some are easy and others hard to learn, you can start with those easy ones like Spanish or Italian, there’s plenty of ways and resources to get started, YouTube for example, there’s numerous videos in the platform. There’s special courses dedicated to a certain level but the most simplest way is Duolingo, you can either use their website or download their App from the Google Play Store or App Store for mobile usage, use it whenever  you want and wherever you are, it’s a fun app to learn a new language or even improve a language that you already know and talk with.

COVID  Taking online courses 

COVID  Taking online courses   - BuzzMirror

You’re still a student or you finished studying ? guess what, you can still take part and take courses on the internet. Courses helps you develop your skills or acquire new ones from various fields and you can also get certificates for completing the course, these certificates can be from some of the best universities of the world. The courses categories varies from Software development to Photography.

COVID  Movies/TV Series 

COVID  MoviesTV Series  - BuzzMirror

When you finish learning or doing house chores, you can rest by watching your favourite TV Serie or Movie, TV series are good for the long run since there’s numerous episodes that can a have length of a movie sometimes but Movies have a different vibe, however both are good for relaxing and enjoying a good story to pass the time.

COVID Having a discussion 

COVID Having a discussion  - BuzzMirror

In this situation, isolating yourself at home is good but you shouldn’t isolate yourself from social discussion or people, you can still talk to your parents or anyone who lives with you in you in the house or  talk to other people by using the internet, social media is a good place for that, having discussions with your favourite friend or friends. Video calling is a good way too to talk with your family or friends to keep contact with them or even a simple call can do the trick.

COVID  Cleaning and disinfecting the house 

COVID  Cleaning and disinfecting the house  - BuzzMirror

This is a very important thing to do, it’s very crucial to preserve your home’s cleanness. You can use soap and water to clean surfaces like desks, tables, toilets, doorknobs, dishes, etc … And don’t forget to disinfect using a disinfecting product, cleaning alone won’t kill the germs since it’s only removing germs and other impurities but disinfecting do kill the germs and sources of infection. The process of cleaning and disinfecting is really a good way to pass time and ensure the cleanness of your house and safety. Don’t forget to read some guidelines on how to use disinfectors.

COVID  Reading 

COVID  Reading - BuzzMirror

Books are a good way to spend some time and to learn new words too, it depends on the type of the book, it can be either rich with plenty of new informations just like a science book or a history book, or a way to escape the real world and dive in a imaginary world, it’s the case of a Story book especially fantasy books. Some find reading Books is a boring thing to do, but currently with the Coronavirus situation, they need to reconsider that so as to pass the time and learn new things or just to enjoy a good book. There’s an alternative for books, it’s the Comics, they’re a fun way to read and to dive in a story with a different approach, If you don’t have the physical version of a comic, that’s alright, you can find them in the internet and read them either in your computer or phone.

COVID  Trying new cooking recipes 

COVID  Trying new cooking recipes  - BuzzMirror

You never had a time to try to learn a new cooking recipe ? well now you got the whole time. Check if there’s a book of recipes in your house or just check in the internet, there’s a huge amount of recipes that are waiting for you to try them. Watching food from other cultures is a good way to start, it’ll make you very passionate to try to taste the meals that looks delicious Actually learning new meals and recipes makes your meals more diverse and less boring during the current situation with Coronavirus and it also makes you save some cash by making your own instead of ordering food.

Stay safe by staying at your home, together we will fight this Virus and everything will be good.

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