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Top Movies any Cat lover will love them



Top Movies any Cat lover will love them - BuzzMirror

Movies are a pleasant way to pass time and enjoy some time, they’re a plenty of movie genres, Action movies, Comedy, Horror, Romance, etc… a movie can’t please everyone since each one of us has a different taste and preferences, but some movies will certainly appease a specific people, they’re the “Cat lovers”. We have listed to you some of the many movies that have a cat as the protagonist of the story or is an important piece to the story.

Cat lover  Movies Kedi 2016 

Cat lover  Movies Kedi 2016 - BuzzMirror

Actually “Kedi” isn’t a movie, it’s a documentary and yet it’s in this list, but the whole documentary is a must-watch for any cat owner or cat enthusiast. It focuses on the stray cats of Istanbul, Turkey. “Kedi” focuses on 7 cats (Sarı, Duman, Bengü, Aslan Parçası, Gamsız, Psikopat and Deniz. ) and display to us their interactions with other cats,  entourage and how they behave towards humans. It’s very fun and amusing to watch “Kedi”, picturing the lovely atmosphere of Istanbul and people’s love towards the lovely felines that lasted for centuries, it might also make someone who doesn’t like cats in general fall in love with cats and change his view on cats and might adopt one too. 

Cat lover  Movies Keanu 2016

Cat lover  Movies Keanu 2016 - BuzzMirror

You’re looking about a movie where the main plot is rescuing a small kitten from a drug kingpin by infiltrating the gang, then “Keanu” is the movie for you, this  American buddy action comedy film  was released in 2016 features the comedian duo known as Key & Peele as the lead roles,  Jordan Peele as Rell and Keegan-Michael Key as his cousin Clarence. The movie focuses on trying to get back Keanu, the cat that Rell found in his doorstep, from a Drug Kingpin. Overall, the movie is so fun to watch alone or with another person and it’s full with jokes.


Cat lover  Movies The Adventures of Milo and Otis 1986  

Cat lover  Movies The Adventures of Milo and Otis 1986 - BuzzMirror

Who doesn’t like kittens  ?  and who doesn’t like puppies ? What about a kitten who befriends a puppy and becomes pals. The Adventures of Milo and Otis or Koneko Monogatari as the film’s real name, is a 1986 Japanese  adventure comedy-drama film about a curious orange kitten named “Milo” and a pug puppy named “Otis”, the two lives in the same barn where they’ve met each other the first time. The curious nature of the kitten Milo gets him in troubles and incidents when he accidentally takes a journey down a river in a box, his friend “Otis” tries to keep up with him, they get separated and the puppy pug tries get reunited with his friend the curious kitten. The movie tries to shows us that real friends always sticks together no matter what happens and friendship, loyalty and courage are important values that a person must have them.

Cat lover  Movies Puss in Boots 2011 

Cat lover  Movies Puss in Boots 2011 - BuzzMirror

Whoever watched Shrek, must have liked that cat with the sword , two pairs of boots and a Spanish accent that become his friend, that cat is the “Puss in Boots”. The character isn’t new, it dates back to the 17th Century however this DreamWorks version is cute and amazing and it’s also voiced by Antonio Banderas. The “Puss in Boots” is a prequel of “Shrek” and it’s an computer-animated adventure-comedy movie, where the Puss is a fugitive on the run from the law and he is seeking to restore his lost honour. He goes on a quest for the Magic beans that leads to a giant’s castle containing a Goose that lays Golden Eggs. The Puss meets a Kitty who’s also trying to get the beans, the Kitty is voiced by Salma Hayek.

Cat lover  Movies Nine Lives  2016  

Cat lover  Movies Nine Lives  2016 - BuzzMirror

Imagine one day you wake up and find yourself trapped inside a cat’s body, well that’s the plot of Nine Lives, this 2016 comedy film features some Hollywood stars such as Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Garner. But the real star of this movie is the cat that the Protagonist’s consciousness get stucked inside his body and tries to get out and return to normal. In general the movie is enjoyable by kids and adults and it’s a lovely movie.

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Cats and some fascinating facts about them



Cats and some fascinating facts about thems - BUZZMIRROR

Cats are one of the most beautiful and intelligent creatures on earth. They are very friendly and love affection, feelings and a gentle sensation. There are different types when you include them and feel them with your warmth. Humans love the feeling of companionship and affection, so most people are looking for the most important ways that make cats love and trust them, so that they have such beautiful feelings and sincere feelings. However some people don’t like the idea of raising a cat ask why do most people like to raise a cat ? … so today we decided to give you some answers to that question, stick with us.

First we’ll talk about the cats and some facts about them

First we’ll talk about the cats and some facts about them - Buzzmiror

Cats give birth about three times a year and gives birth to about six cats each time, then takes care of them and their nursing, cleanliness, and teaches them to walk, predation and prey-catching skills, up to eight weeks, after which they leave them dependent on themselves. They are known to hunt mice and rats, and some of them prey on pigeons and birds. Cats love to live in areas that are full of natural weather and countryside, while others like to live in the wild, because their native species liked to live in the forests, so their old temperament dominates every situation they go through.
Most people don’t know that Cats continuously clean themselves is to do so until they hide their scent from predators, also to wash their injuries to cleanse their wounds, and possibly to prevent infection. These feline babies are known to be afraid of water because they hate getting wet, but what you don’t know is that cats are able to swim more professionally than dogs.
Their lovely mustache isn’t just for looks, it is very useful, especially at night, as it works like a radar to pass obstacles and locate mice. A cat’s body contains 260 bones, more than humans that have only 206 bones.
A cat has a strong sense of smell and hearing because it hears high frequency sounds up to 65 KHz, unlike humans, it only reaches 20 KHz. Cats do see the color green and blue, as some studies have shown, as for the color red, there is an argument between some who say they can and others who deny it completely. Two vocal cords are possessed by the cats , which allows them to produce more than 100 different sounds.

What makes you go and adopt a cat ?

What makes you go and adopt a cat - BuzzMirror

You’ll never feel alone with her.
It will reward you for your loyalty, because one of their characteristics is loyalty and faithfulness to their owner.
The cat is friendly and lovely creature and makes you release the good man in you.
It will transform you from an ordinary person into a responsible person, who takes care of his new friend, feeds him and cares about him.
You will discover a new world that you have never experienced before with cats.
You will experience a fun, happy, loving and passionate atmosphere with cats.
Cats are one of the most cleanest creatures in the nature, they tend to clean themselves frequently.
Unfortunately, cats average age is only up to 15 years because they are middle-aged animals.
They like playing, as they are some attention seeking creatures that also love affection.

Here’s some examples of different cat breeds

Here’s some examples of different cat breeds - BuzzMirror

Burmila: when you adopt this type of cat, you will never feel alone and you will know the true meaning of a friend who never leaves and does not go with you wherever you go and not only, but who is extremely intelligent and suitable for families, children and young people, it is very curious, David, kind, nostalgic and the shaped forehead on the M-front which is subordinate to the British dynasty.
Himalayan: it is considered one of the most beautiful types of hybrid cats resulting from the mating of the Shirazi cat breed with the Siamese breed, which gives it a mixture of the characteristics of both strains and is characterized by an average price compared to the rest of the species.
Manx: it also has a friendly, loving and intelligent owner like most cats, but what distinguishes it from other species is that it has no tail.
Siamese: it is one of the most common types of cats in the world and most people like to adopt them because of their beautiful and attractive shapes, as they are characterized by two eyes with the sky and the lack of hair loss and their average prices that make most categories buy this type with ease.
Ragdoll: it is a particularly affectionate cat, large cat, it’s a particularly calm, patient and docile animal. It is also characterized by a formidable adaptability that allows it to acclimatize to most lifestyles. However, he prefers calm and secure environments. Never aggressive and with a legendary gentleness.
Turkish Van: This breed originated from Turkey, it has a strong character, independent, but enjoys the company of his master. Moreover, it can rarely do without it. It is a cat that loves water more than anything else, which makes it one of its particularities. His health is robust and his diet does not require any specificity.
American shorthair : Prefers outdoor life but adapts perfectly to life in an apartment. Independent, it remains very affectionate and pleasant to live with. It appreciates caresses and is attached to his owner. He likes to play with children and is not against the company of other dogs or pets, with whom it shares his space without difficulty.

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Facts about the Panda

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti.



Facts about the Panda - BuzzMirror
Photo: Shutterstock

Facts The Giant Panda  or simply, the Panda ( Ailuropoda melanoleuca ) is one of the most recognized animals on the face of the earth, whether in its form , Facts about the Panda looks or in its actions, this living being is distinguished from the rest of the living creatures, due to its delightful shape that makes him look cute and beautiful to his lovers, Unfortunately not many know that the Panda is a vulnerable animal at the risk of extinction, environmental organizations focus all their attention on maintaining and protecting the survival of the giant Panda species. So without further ado, we will show you below some interesting facts and characteristics about the giant Panda.

Facts about panda mammals

Pandas are mammals with a length that varies between one meter up to two meters and an average weight of 100 Kilograms, they live only up to 20 years in the wild, however in captivity they can live up to 30 years. Pandas live principally in mild woodlands high in the mountains in the South-East of China, as well as neighboring Myanmar and northern Vietnam. Introverted and loves solitude, except in mating seasons, The Giant Pandas reach sexual maturity at the age of 5 and 6, Spring is the season for mating, between March and May, pregnancy takes 95 up to 165 days. The Panda is mistakenly considered by a lot of people, In reality it is an active animal that can swim and also climb trees in the bamboo forests and mountains in search of the food, that mainly consists of Bamboo, even though its diet is vegetarian, the Panda is considered a Carnivore. Pandas loves isolation and like to have privacy , picking his home on an isolated premise away from different animals.

There are several factors that caused the vulnerability of the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)  species  :

Complete isolation helped the panda bear not to mate and became unwilling to mate, so organizations are making a lot of efforts for the vaccination process to preserve the panda species.

Animal hunting, although predators threaten the panda bear with extinction, but also the most important thing that threatens the panda is the human being, because he hunts the pandas to obtain thick fur and some of them remove the forests and trees that the pandas feed on despite the human love of the panda, but he is his archenemy because of the harm it causes.

Since the 1950s, the blast of human demography has created expanding deforestation connected to the improvement of mining exercises, the development of enormous dams, streets, lodging and railroads, the extension of agrarian regions, the assortment of restorative plants and kindling, all of this led to the contraction of the Panda’s habitat.

Currently, there’s around 1,864 Panda individuals in the wild based on an estimation made in 2013 and there are more than 300 Pandas now in captivity which is considered the minimum number for sustaining the populace.

Han dynasty considered the giant Panda a symbol of courage and strength and had kept several in the imperial gardens in Chang’an, China.

In 2016, in a welcome piece of good news for the world’s threatened wildlife, the Giant Panda species status became “Vulnerable” instead of “Endangered”, meaning the risk of the extinction of the Ailuropoda melanoleuca reduced compared to before.

The Panda holds a place in the WWF’s ( World Wildlife Fund) logo since 1961, Marco Lambertini, WWF Director General said : “For over 50 years, the giant panda has been the globe’s most beloved conservation icon as well as the symbol of WWF. Knowing that the panda is now a step further from extinction is an exciting moment for everyone committed to conserving the world’s wildlife and their habitats,”.  Sir Peter Scott, the WWF’s founding chairman was a naturalist and also a painter, he designed the WWF logo that is a Panda in 1961.

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